My love for languages has changed my life in unexpected ways!

I never thought that my passion for languages would give my life such a surprisingly exciting direction! Growing up bilingual in Dutch and Turkish in the heart of Amsterdam, the multi-cultural character of the city awakened my curiosity for other cultures and languages. By the time I graduated from high school, I already spoke 6 languages.

At the age of 20 I went backpacking in Mexico. I had a Spanish grammar book on the plane and once I had arrived alone in Mexico, I had no other choice than to speak Spanish during the entire trip. Three years later I learned Italian and I was asked to interpret at the Champions League press conference of soccer clubs AC Milan and PSV. That was my very first freelance interpreting job which seemed to be the longest thirty minutes of my life. Although it was nerve-wracking, I loved the challenge and decided to stay around in the soccer industry.

When I moved to Turkey, there were many Brazilian soccer players being transferred to Turkey and I realized that speaking Portuguese would be a great asset for my freelance interpreting career. I travelled to Brazil and took private classes in Portuguese AND samba! After a lot of practicing, pronunciation mistakes and embarrassing moments because of my limited Portuguese, I finally developed a feeling for this beautiful language.

Ten years later, I can call myself a simultaneous interpreter in 9 languages, published author, football (soccer) interpreter and motivational speaker. I got to travel to all continents of the world, work with prime ministers of various countries, interpret at major soccer championships and be a part of Turkey’s most famous late night show, “Beyaz Show”. I also got the amazing opportunity to present on television and at international events. After numerous lectures at universities, appearances on national and international television and helping thousands of people with their language barriers, it’s time to share my language learning techniques with YOU.

Let’s get this journey started!

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